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CI Archive

CI of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical represents
the company’s growth based on firm conviction.

Symbol of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

The symbol of Kwangdong is ‘DNA double helix,’ the core structure of the future human science
whose two red lines symbolize intrinsically interrelated health, innovation, and passion; at the same time,
the symbol also represents mutual cooperating relationships through a variety of structural networks of Kwangdong.
In addition, the red ascending line symbolizes the leap and development of Kwangdong;
the pupil at the center is ‘an eye looking forward to the future’, expressing the company’s
strong will to provide its future vision as the global Kwangdong.

CI Logo Type

  • CI Logo Type primary
  • CI Logo Type secondary


  • Signature Primary
  • Signature Secondary

Color Type

Color is an important means that differentiates Kwangdong from other companies; therefore, it is pivotal to accurately and consistently apply the designated color. When applying the color, either PANTONE or CMYK 4 primary colors should be used in accordance with the specific printing media (brochures, newspapers, packages, magazines, etc.)

  • Color Primary
  • Color Primary

Background Color

The use of colors for the background color plays an important role in forming the image of Kwangdong. Therefore, it is crucial to effectively express the company’s Corporate Identity to a variety of media. It can stand out more clearly if the contrast between the background color and brightness is considerable.

  • Background Color White & Primary
  • Background Color Secondary

Prohibited Use

Concerning the logo and basic elements of Kwangdong, it is very important to use them correctly to keep a coherent image. The items below are wrong examples of color and shape applications and, in case they are provided, any optional use of them is prohibited in any similar cases.

  • Prohibited Use EX type 1
  • Prohibited Use EX type 2
  • Prohibited Use EX type 3
  • Prohibited Use EX type 4
  • Prohibited Use EX type 5
  • Prohibited Use EX type 6
  • Prohibited Use EX type 7
  • Prohibited Use EX type 8