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Kwangdong Pharmaceutical subsidiaries going together
with our customers.

Kwang Dong Oriental Medicine Hospital dedicated
for scientification of Oriental Medicine

Kwangdong Oriental Hospital was founded by the late CEO Soo Boo Choi for clinical test and scientific
test to provide the scientific basis for traditional Korean medicine as a way for Kwangdong to fulfill the
social responsibility and return the profit to the society. With the motto of charity and service,
the hospital has continuously carried out the medical service to local communities.

Collaboration of Western and Korean Traditional Medicine
The treatment efficiency is increased and the treatment performance by the medical specialists is improved
through the collaboration of western and Korean traditional medicine.
Thorough Management of Medicinal Herb
For herbal medicine, the quality of medicinal herb is as important as the treatment. The medicinal herbs
used by the hospital are thoroughly tested by the cutting-edge analyzer of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s
Central Research Center and the Herb Examination Committee of the hospital.
Comprehensive Medical Examination Center and Stroke Prevention Center
Korea’s first health examination applying both Korean and western medicine is renowned
for its effectiveness and available everyday. You can take the examination at your convenience with
advance reservation (for reservation: 2222-4883).
Use of Traditional Clay Pot
- The herb is boiled with sincerity for 3~5 hours.
- The herb boiled with electrical extractor has different taste and color.
- It offers outstanding effectiveness.
- Since the deer antler is boiled separately from other herbs, there is no loss of effectiveness.

Western-style cutting edge equipment dedicated
for scientific diagnosis and treatment

To ensure accurate and scientific diagnosis and treatment, Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional
Korean Medicine offers full body CT rarely available in traditional Korean medical hospitals. It also has the
cutting edge diagnosis systems for both western and traditional medicine such as the biochemical
automatic analyzer, electronic endoscope, osteoporosis diagnosis system, defibrillator,
neuromuscular therapy system, cerebral blood flow analyzer, and cerebral blood flow diagnosis system.

Kwangdong has the official agreement as the cooperating hospital with other western and
traditional medical hospitals. The cooperating hospitals more than just cooperating in treatment and
transportation of patients and closely cooperate in education, research and social contribution.
Kwangdong Hospital will assure the early discovery of disease and proactive treatment by quickly requesting
the transport of needy patient. The practical cooperative treatment system will greatly improve
both personal and national health.

Hospital Overview

  • Kwangdong
    Oriental Hospital
  • NameKwangdong Oriental Hospital


  • DirectorDr. Byeong Ha Moon

    Address612, Bongeunsa-ro, Gang nam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Inheriting Kwangdong’s persistence
for good raw material

Kwangdong Household and Healthcare Inc. began its life as Kwangdong Health in 1993 to specialize household healthcare. Under the motto of Customer Trust, Sincerity, and Customer Touching, it has been rapidly growing with support by customers for the past 10 years to become the leading household health company. Kwangdong Households and Health Inc. believes that the meaning of its existence is the ‘customers’ and strives to become a sincere company that provides the best value and touching to its customers by the customer centered thought and action with persistence for good raw material. It pledges to continue its growth as the company trusted by the customers.

Happy Life and Healthy Life
Happy life under the national health. That is the image of life we all aim for. Kwangdong Households and Health Inc. is committed to becoming partner which upgrades the customers’ lives by realizing such dream. The company will realize 4 principles of Customer Value First, Continuous Innovation, Expertise and Speedy Customer Response to grow into the premier company aiming for the best. The best household and health company assuring the healthy life and happy life of its customers. That is the future image of Kwangdong Households and Health Inc. that is pledged to the customers and ourselves.

Company Overview

  • Kwangdong Householdand Healthcare Inc.
  • NameKwangdong Household and Healthcare Inc.

    FoundedAugust 18 1993

  • CEOSeung Bum Chai

    AddressGasan Building, 85 Seocho Jungang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

    Business domainRetail and wholesale, sales channel: discount store, TV home shopping and Internet shopping mall

Korea e-Platform

The MRO total service provider for the raw/intermediate materials and consumables under the various business models such
as the construction purchase service and overseas local purchase service.


Purchase Service in Manufacturing / Nonmanufacturing Industries
Integrated purchase service of consumable and intermediate materials for the manufacturing and service industries
Total service of price/quality/procurement
KeP Logistics Center
Purchase Diagnosis and Raw/Intermediate Material Supply for Medium Sized Business
Diagnosis of purchase process
Supply of raw/intermediate material through strategic purchase (volume leverage, global sourcing, etc.)
Construction Purchase Service
Supply of construction materials such as the safety gear, clothes, firefighting equipment, etc.
Emergency order service
China MRO Purchase Service
Integrated purchase service for domestic and global companies operating in Chinal and local Chinese companies
Total service of price/quality/procurement
Global Sourcing

Company Overview

  • Korea e-Platform
  • NameKorea e-Platform

    FoundedJuly 2000

    CEOSeong Won Choi

  • Address HQ : 7th FL., Postal Service Bldg., 619, Gaepo-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    Changweon Logistics Center : 547, Muyeok-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Gumi Logistics Center :? 48, Suchul-daero, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    Geoje Logistics Center : 20, Deokpo 5-gil, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Daejeon Logistics Center : 46, Daejeongbuk-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
    Ansan Logistics Center : 26, Jeongwangcheondong-ro 10beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do