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Social Responsibility

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical shares the warm heart and caring.

Gasan Culture Foundation is a non-profit
foundation corporate established by joint donation
of the late Gasan chairman Soo Boo Choi,
its founder, and Kwangdong Pharmaceutical.

It is a public interest corporate established for the
purpose of scholarship business and academic support
business by the late chairman Soo Boo Choi,
founder of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical in 2007.
It provides scholarships to middle- and high-school
students nationwide and has been designated as a sincere
public interest corporate by the Ministry of Strategy and
Finance in 2014

  • Scholarship business

    Scholarship business: It provides scholarships to open academic
    opportunities for the excellent students who experience financial difficulties

  • Academic business

    Academic business: It discovers persons who fit the purpose of foundation brestablishment and
    have brgreatly contributed to the society with their academic and research accomplishments