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Social Responsibility

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical will share our warm heart and love to
contribute to social responsibility.

Aiming to encourage the donation & sharing
culture of its employees and to continuously
donate money and services to the
organizations for the needy and vulnerable,
Kwangdong Pharmaceutical has adopted the
matching grant policy.

With a meaning matching 1:1, the matching
grant system refers to one of the corporate
social contribution activities where a
corporation donates as much as the corporate
executives and staff can donate.

Joint Donation

When the executives and staff specify the targets of donation at the donation application and submit them to the company, the same amount is accumulated by the company and is donated together to the pertinent target of donation (in April, 2015, executives and staff participated in it by 71%).

  • Select a person you want to share hope together through donation.
  • Notify the company of the selected target and amount of donation.
  • The company accumulates the same amount as the one donated by the executives and staff.
  • The donation accumulated is donated together to the target of donation.

Individual Donation

When the executives and staff make the donation to the donated group and submit the donation application to the company, the company donates the same amount to the same donating group.

  • The executives and staff donate personally to the donating group.
  • Specify the group and donated amount on the donation application to further submit to the company.
  • The company donates the same amount recorded on the executives and staff’s donation application to the donating group.