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About Us

World’s leading human healthcare provider

hi everyone! welcome to kwangdong homepage

Since its establishment with the foundational idea of ‘scientification of Oriental medicine’ in 1963, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical has made a continuous effort to improve health of the nation by launching good-quality drugs and health drinks through the original medicine development and cutting-edge technology.

OTC drugs, such as, among others, Kwangdong Woo Hwang Chong Shim Won, Kwangdong Ssangwha Tang, steadily beloved along with ETC drugs, such as anti-cancer drug Copolang and the first Vitamin D injection in Korea, B.O.N., are the achievements of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical that has been striving in pharmaceuticals for national health care for around 50 years.

In addition, Vita 500, a national drink with a creative idea, ‘a vitamin drink,’ Kwangdong corn silk tea, a representative tea drink of Korea and Men’s Tea (Oriental Raisin Tea), and the distribution of Jeju Samdasu, are not accidental results, but achievements produced by our challenging spirit towards our new value within Kwangdong’s history of over a half of the century.

Moreover, by improving its task process by constructing the next generation ERP system and securing future growth engine through bold R&D, facility investment, and acquisition of Korea-e-Platform, the MRO professional Company, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical is gaining a firm foothold of the competitive management fundamental.

All Kwangdong Pharmaceutical employees will put endless efforts to realize the following vision of the company: ‘2020 Triple 1, Human Health Care Brand Company’ with 1 trillion entrepreneurial value, 1 trillion sales, and 10% of operating profit by 2020 under the mission of creating a new value to contribute to the healthy life of our customers. Thank you for your attention.

vice Chairman & CEO

choi, sung won picture