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World’s leading human healthcare provider

  • 2010's

    06.01Launched Obesity treatment 'Contrav ER Tab.'

    04.20Launched 'Kwangdong Lespedeza cuneata tea Yawang'

    04.01Launched 'Kwangdong Kyung Ok Go' stick type (Renewal)


    07.01Established the Vaccine Business Division

    06.12Opened a History of Pharmacy Hall (Seoul National University)

    06. 01Kwangdong-GSK signed the agreement to sell and distribute 8 vaccine products

    05.22Sent medicine worth KRW 300 million for victims of the earthquake in Nepal

    03.17Included as an affiliate of Korea-e-Platform

    02.01Launched Kwangdong Burdock Tea

    01.06Launched Tok n Tok topical solution, an acne treatment

    01.06Launched ‘Redormin Tablet’, a sleep inducer made of crude drug raw materials

    01.05Opened next-generation ERP (SAP) and started system operation


    12.15Signed the agreement of distribution and joint sales with GSK (Glaxo Smith Klein)

    12.15Seungawon volunteer activities at the welfare center for disabled children

    12.01Launched ‘Speed Queen Tablet,’ a pain-killer exclusively for women

    11.07Received ‘The Greatest Honor General Prize of Red Cross Member Order’ by Korean Red Cross

    11.05Pajoo Welfare Center for the Disabled, volunteering administration of Vitamin D ‘BON’

    11.01Launched ‘Lemon & Ginger’, a warm storage drink

    10.25Volunteered Carriage of briquette of Love

    10.16Held its 51 Foundation Anniversary and CI Announcement Ceremony of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    08.22Received Gratitude Plaque of ‘Celebration of the 11th Day of Energy’ supervised by Energy Citizen Association

    08.12Launched ‘Kwangdong Power Tonic’ for examinees

    07.31Held 7th Corn Family Environment Camp

    07.311 Memorial Anniversary of the late Gasan chairman Soo Boo Choi

    07.154 kinds of Kwangdong corn silk tea, 3 kinds of Men’s tea (Oriental Raisin Tea), acquired the eco-friendly package GP mark

    06.20Was selected for the ‘Kwangdong Cancer Academy Award’ by Korea Cancer Association

    06.02Launched “Viewfit Sparkling Time,” a carbonate drink

    05.30Held 2th Vitamin C Industry-Academy research association seminar

    05.29Business partnership agreement for supporting project for Jeju Island Oriental Medicine

    05.16Launched Vita 500 Slush

    05Vita 500, carried out ‘Online Social Responsibility Campaign’ with Daum

    03.27Held 6th Gasan Culture Foundation Scholarship Certificate Conferment Ceremony

    03.20Jeju Community Chest of Korea donated medicines

    02.25Signed the agreement for the development fund with The School of Pharmacy of SNU


    11.16Volunteered ‘2013 Carriage of briquette of Love’

    10.31Acquired the patent right of ‘the corn silk skin brightener’ from KFRI (Korean Food Research Institute)

    10.19Carried out the ‘Hope for Health of Senior Citizens’ volunteering program in commemoration of the 50th anniversary (Weonju)

    10.16Proclaimed Vision ‘2020 Triple 1, Human Health Care Brand Company’

    10.16Held 50th Anniversary Ceremony of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    09Launched Drinking Vitamin D ‘Kwangdong 100 Sedi’

    09Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Development Corp., recorded the greatest monthly sales since the launch of ‘Samdasu’

    09Launched ‘X-V tablet’, a hypertension medicine

    09Vita 500, carried out ‘2013 KSAT(Korean Scholastic Aptitude Test) Event’ for the examinees

    09Corn silk tea, carried out ‘the purchase receipt certification shot event’

    08.02Samdasu, held ‘DMZ Peace & Life Camp’

    07.30CEO Choi, Sung Won, inaugurated as the representative director

    07.29Obesity medicine KD101, approved Phase 1 clinical FDA

    07.24Rep. Director Soo Boo Choi passed away

    07.20Held No. 6 Jeju-do Province Corn Family Environment Camp in the commemoration of the 50 anniversary ceremony

    07Held ‘the slogan contest exhibit’ in the commemoration of 50 anniversary ceremony

    06.29Vita 500, carried out ‘One happy day with multi-cultural kid baseball club’ (baseball game)

    06Held ‘Episode & essay contest exhibit’ in the commemoration of 50 anniversary ceremony

    06Korea Cancer Association, was selected for ‘Kwangdong Cancer Academy Awards’

    06Launched IGNIS ODF (oral disintegrating film), a film-type impotence medicine

    06Launched Ibanforce, an osteoporosis medicine for menopause women

    06Launched Painkilling, launched anti-inflammatory acting Ketoprofen raw material medicated patch ‘medicinal briquette Keto Plus’

    05Launched ‘Kwangdong Lemon Green Tea,’ the organic green tea raw material made in Jeju

    05Started ‘contracted cultivation of black soybean in Jeju,’ Kwangdong Alchankong Soybean Milk black bean ingredient

    05Vita 500, carried out ‘My own label making’ event

    05.11Carried out ‘Love-house of hope’ volunteering campaign to repair the houses for the needy

    05Vita 500, carried out ‘Online Social Responsibility Campaign’ together with Daum

    04Started joint research of ‘Hovenia Dulcis’ liver protection and hangover cures effect’ by Industry-Academy cooperation group of Korea University

    04Held 'Kwangdong Vsumer 8th Phase' Starting Ceremony

    04.30Samdasu surpassed monthly sales of 10 billion

    03.27Held No. 6 Gasan Culture Foundation Scholarship Certification Conferment Ceremony

    03.22Held foundation general meeting of ‘Vitamin C Industry-Academy-Research Association’ under Korea Food Science Association

    03.18Signed an agreement with Seoul City to donate the medicine to Seoul Health Keeper

    03.13Received commendation by ‘Mayor of Weonju’ in the section of Local Community Responsibility

    03Concluded native corn contracted cultivation with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

    03Launched ‘Vitamin C Industry-Academy research association’ composed of Korea Food Science Academy members

    02.06Vita 500, delivered the gifts of hope for full recovery to children suffering from pediatric cancer


    12.15Started to sell Jeju Samdasu

    12Received ‘Seoul special city mayor award’ in the energy-saving practice

    10Participated in the low-carbon Green Growth Expo held by MOE(the Ministry of Environment)

    09‘E-mart Corn silk tea’, received the ‘low-carbon product certification’ from the MOE

    08‘Vita 500 and Corn silk tea’, received the ‘low-carbon product certification’ from the MOE

    08Vita 500, held ‘2012 DMZ peace & life camp’

    07‘Kwangdong Men’s Tea’, acquired the low carbon product certification from the MOE

    07Kwangdong Corn silk tea, held ‘5th Corn family environment camp’

    07Vita 500, held ‘Healing Road for Families of Children Suffering from Leukemia’

    06Signed an agreement to support ‘Vita 500 treatment of children suffering from leukemia’ with Korea Leukemia Childhood Cancer Association

    06Announced the ‘1st Kwangdong Cancer Academic Award’ together with Korea Cancer Society

    06Applied for a patent of ‘Method of Mass Extraction of Maysin from Corn Silk’ together with RDA

    06.15Received ‘Innovative Pharmaceutical Company Certification’ from MW

    05Expanded and remodeled the Pyeongtaek GMP plant

    03.15Selected as the preferred distributor of Samdasu by Jeju Development Corporation

    03Held the 5th Gasan Culture Foundation Scholarship Certification Conferment Ceremony


    12.05Received the outstanding award at ‘2011 Korea Sharing Volunteering Award’ by NPO Korea

    10Participated in Low Carbon Green Growth Expo held by MOE(the Ministiry of Environment)

    09Launched the new concept day and night cold preparation, ‘Hardy D&N’

    09Launched the augmented reality-based marketing campaign for Vita 500

    07.23Held the 4th Corn Family Environmental Camp

    07Launched low-osmotic ion drink, ‘Aqua+ion’

    06.10Received the 20th Economic Justice Enterprise Award by CCEJ

    05.18Applied for patent for ‘Method of Manufacturing Corn Silk Extract Containing High Level of Maysin’ together with RDA

    05.02Opened Hanam branch

    04.21Signed the voluntary agreement for green Signed the voluntary agreement for green purchase with MOE (the Ministry of Environment)

    03.22Gasan Culture Foundation, held the 4th Scholarship Certificate Conferment Ceremony

    02.11Launched the incrementally modified drug Ecarex suspension

    01.22Received ‘the Stepping Stone Award’ at ‘the 1st People Who Made Seoul Beautiful’ by the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement

  • 2000's

    11.16Agreed to participate in the new medicine joint development of curing hypersensitive bladder with Salvat Co.

    10Participated in Low Carbon Green Growth Expo held by MOE (the Ministry of Environment)

    10Introduced the new concept day & night divided cold preparation, ‘Hardy D&N’

    07.22Received ‘2011 Energy Winner Award’ in Energy saving part from Consumers Korea

    07Held the 3rd Corn Family Environmental Camp

    05.13Signed the agreement to support food to National Food Bank’ with KNCSW

    04.09Launched Kwangdong-Yeongju city-Gyeongbuk Clean Medicinal Crop Cluster

    04.09Signed MOU to foster ‘Yeongju’ Poongi ginseng industry

    04.08Exchanged ‘Kwangdong Ssangwha Tang’ for the ones with no preservatives

    04.07Launched Kwangdong ‘ Men’s Tea (Oriental Raisin Tea)’

    04.01Launched Korea Association for Vitamin Research

    04.01Signed the agreement for joint development and co-marketing of ‘high content multi vitamin Myers’ Coc Tablet

    03.29Launched ‘Kwangdong Wisaengsu’, ‘Sengnokchun’ with no preservatives

    03.22Held the 3rd Gasan Culture Foundation Scholarship Certification Conferment Ceremony

    03.08Signed the agreement for technology transfer for the new anti-obesity drug candidate substance with Yonsei University

    03.01Launched Vita 500 renewal product in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the product

    02.09Launched ‘Cell-guard’, an immune function improving functional food


    12.01Received ‘MW Award’ for the food donation project in 2009

    11.25Launched ‘Gohyang Omija’ drink

    11.04Launched Vita 500 for children

    11.02Launched ‘Kwangdong Vitamin C Tablet’

    10.26Four parties signed MOU: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, Mungyeong-si, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Oriental Industry Development Institute, and Gyeongbuk Clean Medicinal Crop Cluster Business Group

    10.21Launched ‘Kwangdong Fermented Ssangwha Tang’

    10.15Carried out the free briquette delivery campaign with Babsang

    09.30Began selling ‘Infasurf,’ a newly born dyspnea symptom medicine

    09.21Acquired HACCP certification

    08.26Launched ‘Kwangdong High Jump’ chewable tablet

    07.20Launched crude drug digestant, ‘Wisaengsu’

    07.18Held the 2nd Corn Family Environment Camp

    07.01Launched ‘East Sea 1032 Marine Deep Water’

    06.24Signed the agreement for business cooperation with Daegu-Gyeongbuk Oriental Medicine Industry Promotion Agency

    06.22Launched ‘Kwangdong Fermented Red Ginseng’, the first fermented red ginseng drink, at drugstores

    06.10Signed a license agreement for breast cancer treatment drug ‘New Box’

    06.08Vita 500 and Kwangdong corn silk tea, received Carbon Label certification

    05.21Launched antiplatelet agent ‘PROVIC Tablet’

    05.11Launched tea drink ‘Mindeule Hu’

    03.23Launched ‘Met the Puer’

    03.09Held the 2nd Gasan Culture Foundation scholarship certification conferment ceremony

    03.06Received the 18th Economic Justice Enterprise Award from Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice

    02.25Held the 2nd Gasan Culture Foundation scholarship certification conferment ceremony


    12.23Signed the sponsorship agreement with ‘Love-house of Hope’

    10.21Signed the license agreement for new anti-cancer drug with ‘RESprotect Co’ in Germany

    08.29Kwangdong corn silk tea, surpassed 250 million bottles sold

    08.22Held 1th Corn Family Environment Camp

    06.19Signed the license agreement for the new anticancer drug with SDLY in China

    06.18Rural Development Administration and Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals, signed MOU for joint research and industrialization

    06Kwangdong corn silk tea, ranked No.1 in Global Customer Satisfaction

    05.15Held the 1st Gasan Culture Foundation Scholarship Certificate Conferment Ceremony

    04.24Vita 500, surpassed 2 billion bottle sold

    03.29Soo Boo Choi, CEO of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, received ‘Executive Award’


    11.13Launched the ‘SFA’

    10.16Moved to the HQ building to Seocho-dong/Held the 44th anniversary ceremony

    04.23Vita 500 was selected as the official drink by KAVITA(the Korean Association for Vitamin Research)

    02.01Vita 500 surpassed 1.5 billion bottles sold

    01.06Signed the license agreement of a new anti-nausea drug with NovaDel in the US


    12.21Kwangdong corn silk tea, received the Design Grand Award by Korea Package Design Association

    12.12Chairman Soo Boo Choi, Received Korea CEO Gran Prix by Korea CEO Research Forum

    07.01Launched Kwangdong corn Silk Tea

    03.14Chairman Soo Boo Choi, received ‘Executive Award’ by KMA

    01.10Signed the agreement for joint research and development for a new drug, etc. with Fine Chem


    11.07Signed the agreement for exclusive sales right for mono-clone antibody leukemia treatment with Dinona Inc.

    10.17Signed the agreement for exporting Vita 500 with RJ International Group

    09.21Held the KM based EDMS development signing ceremony with SK C&C

    05.31Surpassed KRW 20 billion in monthly sales

    04.26Vita 500 received Luxury Brand Award by KMA

    04.18Held the Ceremony for completion of Food and Drink 1,100 Line

    03.28Chairman Soo Boo Choi, Received ‘Dongam Yagui Award’


    10.16Published 40 years of Kwangdong and the autobiography of Chairman Soo Boo Choi

    05.03Celebration Ceremony of Food Plant 1,000bpm facility

    04.14Sales-Starting Ceremony of medicine specializing on obesity treatment, Adipex Tablet

    03.25Vita 500, exported to Americas (US$200,000)

    01.03Opened the ERP System


    12.24Expanded and renovated Central Research Institue

    10.16Held the 40th anniversary ceremony


    12.31Surpassed KRW 100 billion sold

    12.19Held Main Office ground breaking ceremony in Guro-dong

    10.16Proclaimed Kwangdong VISION

    08.16Moved the HQ (157-27, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

    03~05Conducted management diagnosis and consulting by Deloitte Consulting

    04.01Received the Award in Equal Opportunity from the Ministry of Labor


    10.11Selected as 2001 New Labor-Management Culture Outstanding Company from the Ministry of Labor

    06.07Participated in ‘Korea Medical Expo’ in COEX

    02.01Launched Vita500

  • 1990's

    08.09Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine signed the cooperation agreement in Korean/Western medicine with St. Mary’s Hospital

    07.09Launched customized cold medicine, Hardycol series

    07.20Received the patent (234494) for herbal compound composition (musk substitute chong shim won)

    03.03Received the Minister of Finance and Economy Award for being an outstanding taxpayer


    12.13Selected as ‘97 Excellent Labor Relation Business’ from the Ministry of Labor

    08.15Completed the construction of Daegu company building (total floor area 2900m2 of 2 basement and 6 ground floors)

    05.06Purchased the company building in Daejeon (2 ground floors, total floor area 850m2)


    04.06Received Order of Civil Merit, Magnolia Award from MW


    04.30Opened Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine

    01.16Selected as KGMP plant environmental management outstanding company from the Environment Department


    03.17Songtan Plant was designated as KGMP enterprise from MW


    12.05Completed the construction of Songtan KGMP plant

  • 1980's

    01.15Completed the construction of Songtan No.1 plant


    11.17Started as a listed company by Company disclosure


    08.01Established Central Research Institue

    04.01Created the Hospital Business Division (Selling Kopolang)


    03.20Received the Order of New Village (Presidential)

    12.08Received the Presidential Award at the National New Village Leaders Meeting
  • 1970's

    12.16Acquired Hani Pharmaceutical


    12.31Received the NTS Award for being the outstanding tax payer

    07.12Acquired Seoul Pharmaceutical and moved the HQ office and plant


    12.27Received the permit to manufacture Geobuk-pyo Woo Hwang Chong Shim Won

    09.13Changed the name to Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

  • 1960's

    10.16Kwangdong Pharmaceutical (MW Medicine Manufacturing Permit No.226, Dongbinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu) was founded by Soo Boo Choi