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R&D Overview

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical applies
the cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies
for advanced research.

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical started from Kyung
ok go in 1963 as its representative product;
furthermore, aiming to contribute to the national
health care, the company has established its mission
of scientification of Oriental medicine.

Established in 1987, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical
Research Institute has actualized its foundation spirit,
developed a variety of Oriental tablets, specialized
medicines, and functional foods and drinks that
grew into representative brands loved by the nation.

In 2003, it expanded and moved into an independent research institute in Songtan, as well as completed the infrastructure construction for R&D to do its best in general medicine development in terms of differentiated and specialized medicines, such as incrementally modified drugs, etc.

In 2008, it newly established the R&D institute in Guro-dong, Seoul, that pursues innovation by making use of outside technology, knowledge or ideas of other companies, universities, or research institutes. As a result, it has performed clinical trials of dementia and anischuria medicines and, recently, has proceeded with the clinical development of an obesity medicine. It has completed the development of ODF, a new dosage form, through the improvement research of the dosage form to maximize dosage convenience.

Additionally, it is reinforcing research on the improved new medicines and specialized medicines and is doing its best in developing general medicines; for this purpose, it reinforces cooperation with the external specializing institutes that use cutting-edge DDS technology. It has also been involved in the development of the new dosage form technology, including the production of sustained release and multi-layer tablet, etc. and the improvement research on bioavailability of refractory medicine.

At present, three R&D institutes, including food research institutes, medicine research institutes, R&D institutes, etc. are making efforts to develop functional drinks, health functional food, spices, generic medicines, and natural substance medicines. Kwangdong Research Institute has recently developed and improved Vita 500 and Corn silk tea that have succeeded as hit products, and continues with the development of new functional drinks and differentiated health functional foods. Based on these achievements, as a total pharmaceutical company expert in a variety of fields, such natural substance drugs, incrementally modified drugs, and bio new drug, as well as drinks, functional food, Oriental medicine tablets, OTC, generics, etc., it will make an effort to revive the field of high value-added specialized medicine.