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R&D Achievements

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical applies
the cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies
for advanced research.

Kwangdong Won Tang
Kwangdong Won Tang is a product that has reinforced the use of raw materials in the Ssangwha Tang original prescription and is a patented product composite of liquid antipyretic & analgesics. Additionally, through non-clinical trials, it has proved its fever-reducing and pain-killing effects.
Ignis ODF
It is a representative QOL product, and IGNIS ODF, a PDE-5 inhibitor, was developed on the basis of the patented technology that has improved the specific bitter taste of the main raw material, Sildenafil citrate, so that it can now be taken without water, which leads to the improved dosage convenience; the product is also portable.
Kwangdong Meyer's Coc Tablet Series
It is a new functional vitamin product jointly developed with Vitamin lab on the basis of the cocktail therapy in Korea; the product contains Vitamin D3 raw material that might be insufficient in the Korean population.
Kids n Pen Syrup
It has been produced using the patented tablet technology of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, does not contain preservatives, is easy to carry, and has orange flavor, which has improved its dosage convenience for infants.
Kwangdong Won Bang Woo Hwang Chong Shim Won Suspension (containing citvet)
It has the pharmaceutic efficiency proven through a comparative study at the Natural Substance Laboratory of SNU and is an excellent product that has secured patents for composites.

Medicine Research Institute

- KD302
Research of the nervous system (painkiller) compound medicine completed
- KD303
Research of the circulatory system compound medicine in progress
- KD304
Research of the prostatic hypertrophy treatment medicine in progress
- KD306
Research of the anti-inflammatory analgesic drug improving side effects of gastritis in progress
- Ecarex suspension
incrementally modified drug with the changed dosage form
- Adipex Capsule
Development of Korea’s first obesity treatment drug
- Kwangdong Won Tang
Development of Korea’s first tang with patented anti-inflammatory analgesic materials
- Myer’s Coc Tablet
Functional vitamin product jointly developed with Korea Association for Vitamin Research based on Korea’s only cocktail treatment method
- Kids n Pen Syrup
Portable anti-inflammatory analgesic for children (containing no preservatives)


- KD501
Clinical 1 phase of Alzheimer’s disease treatment drug approved Patent 1008901790000, 1008901770000
- KD101
Clinical 1 phase of obesity treatment drug in progress Patent 1009054190000
- KD103
Alzheimer’s disease discovery (joint research with SNU)
- Ramosetron ODF
Development of antiemeticum Patent 1013034790000
- Ignis ODF
Development of the erectile dysfunction drug Patent 1011885940000
- Aldocept ODF
Development of the Alzheimer’s disease drug Patent 1013034790000
- Tadalafil ODF
Development of the erectile dysfunction drug