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Social Responsibility

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical shares the warm heart and caring.

다양한 사회공헌 리스트
01 Activity support, such as regular briquette sharing and meal-service sharing, etc. through sisterhood ties with Wonju Babsang Community (Briquette Bank)
02 Supporting low-income family house repair volunteer service through sisterhood ties with Hopeful Love House
03 Sisterhood ties activity of One company, One barrack- Navy AEGIS Cruiser No.1 DDG-991
04 One company, One village sisterhood ties with village in Sangge-ri, Guseong-myeon, Gimcheon
05 Supporting and volunteering services for food and medicine provisions in the event of emergency disasters
06 Poor nation supporting and volunteering service activities, such as supplying mosquitoes nets
07 Providing medicines for low-income citizens, medical volunteering service group, etc. (Seoul, the agreement regarding the medicine donating campaign Community Chest of Korea)
08 Vita 500, carried out the Daum Joint Social Contribution Campaign, ‘Protect our children with a click’
09 Held family and teenager environment camps, such as corn family environment camp, DMZ peace & life camp, etc.
10 Jeju Island linked social responsibility activity
11 Social responsibility activities linked to other social welfare institutes, groups, and foundations.