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R&D Organization

Research organization pursues the
best results through choice and

for the health
of Korea


  • Natural Substance Food Research Team
    Making a progress in the healthy drink development, functional new material research, spice research, and food material-related research
    General drink: Vita 500, Kwangdong Corn Silk Tea, Men’s Tea (Oriental Raisin Tea), Tangs, Burdock Tea, Viewfit, etc.Researching functional new materialsResearching spicesProgressing research projects related to food materials
  • Healthy Food Development Team
    Developing functional food and healthy food, research and production of individually admitted materials, development of materials and products introduced overseas
    Functional food: Individually admitted product, Announcing functional food, red ginseng product, etc. General food: red ginseng drink, liquid tea, etc. Functional food and health food developmentResearching individually admitted materialsDiscovering overseas new material and introducing products
  • Tablet Development Team
    Tablet Research Team
    Analysis & Research Team
  • R&D Institute
    New drug research
    (Synthetic new drug, natural substance food)
    New dosage form research (New dosage form
    such as ODF, etc.)