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About Us

World’s leading human healthcare provider


New Value
The new value embraces novel experience, benefits enjoyed by our customers, and, overall, a new meaning.
Healthy Life
A state of harmony between the physical and mental stability, coupled with full vitality, passion, and positive energy

We create a new value to contribute to the healthy life of our customers.


  • KRW 1 Trillion
    Corporate Value
  • KRW 1 Trillion Sales
  • 10% Operating
Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s vision for 2020 is “2020 Triple 1”.
This includes our will to level up our entrepreneurial status a step further as a permanent company by achieving 1 trillion entrepreneurial value and 1 trillion sales amount by 2020, as well as by realizing 10% of operating profit to secure a sound profitability.
Human Health Care Brand Company
In addition, with the goal of ‘Human Health Care Brand Company,” we aim to construct a strong brand power in a variety of business areas focused on pharmaceuticals and food businesses and to provide a differentiated value that will contribute to the healthy lives of our customers.

Core Competencies

Knowledge and Know-how
Play a part in growth through product standardization and popularization on the basis of Oriental and natural substances by re-establishing product knowledge and systematic developing know-how by succeeding its foundation spirit based on Oriental medicine pharmaceuticals
Functional Material Leadership
Become a leader Company that promotes health in one’s daily life by securing and fostering differentiated material discovery and development potential in the entire business area, including pharmaceuticals and food
Brand Value
Enhance the brand value of ‘Kwangdong’ itself and create power brand that exists in consumers to grow and maintain brand asset value in the market by succeeding and developing entrepreneurial image of perseverance and Mr. Choi’s insistence towards quality and customer confidence

The 5 Core Values

  1. 1Ownership Mindset
    On the basis of pride of the company and professionalism in work, We achieve our goals with active thinking and leading attitude.
  2. 2Communication and Cooperation
    We create efficient in-and-out collaboration environment with consideration for others And in a listening attitude to make an effort so that we can create desirable results and grow with those concerned outside.
  3. 3Creative Thinking
    We don’t stick to the custom or success rules in the past, But create a new differentiated value with liberal and flexible way of thoughts.
  4. 4Challenge and Practice
    We don’t stay as we are, but challenge towards a higher goal enthusiastically And perform our duties by complete analysis and strong impetus.
  5. 5Human First
    “Under the recognition that “talent management is the core of entrepreneurial competency,” we continuously discover excellent talents and foster them systematically so that they may be the fundamental for the future growth of the Company and members.